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NBA Playoffs!

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Who you got? I’m only listing the top 4 teams from each conference because, quite frankly, I don’t think any of the bottom feeders have a chance. So much for me liking the underdogs in this one.

Jumping Off the Tobin!

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Don't jump, Red Sox fans.

So the Red Sox start the season 1-7 and your already ready to leap off the Tobin bridge? Stop, look at the calendar, and realize that its April. As much as I’m a fan of the Sox, I have enough common sense to realize that there is 154 games left.

Think about that number. One, five, four. That’s a lot of damn games. With the talent they have they are capable of peeling off stretches of 6-10 game win streaks. Now back away from the edge of the bridge, get back in your car, and drive the hell back home and watch the next game.

Song of the Week!

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Final Four Anyone?

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Who you got?

With all this college basketball going on, one can’t help to get caught up in the moment. I personally am a Duke fan and prior to them getting tossed in the tourney, I was BIAS. How couldn’t I have been? They have the top point guard in America coming off injury to play in the tourney. That is neither here nor there. After last nights games we have Butler and Uconn playing for the National championship. As a fan, I usually pick the team closest to my home state to win but this time I like Butler. Something about that team making it to the chip in back to back seasons got me pulling for them. I ain’t going to go off with the names of which team has which player and get all into it. Besides, you already know by now. Lets just enjoy this upcoming championship game. Enjoy the emotion of an unpaid athlete (at least we think they are unpaid). Who you rolling with? I of course already told you. My money is on the bulldogs. I just like to go with the underdogs for some reason even though at times I know better (shrugs shoulders). The gambles of life.

The People of Facebook!

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Status messages can get pretty annoying but some people tend to take it to another level. Everyone has that one person that…

Mr. My Life is Better than Yours: “We in the club in VIP, making it rain, oh yea, WE BOUGHT THE BAR OUT. What are you doing? (Really he’s just posted up in the club babying a drink.)

Miss Inspiring Quotes: “Keep moving forward no matter what bumps are in front of you.” (Funny, you were so hood and crazy in high school.)

Mr. I’m Boring: “…” (Umm, this explains it all.)

Miss Every Detail of My Life: “Just woke up and took a shower. Can’t wait till I leave work cause then I have to go to yoga, food shopping, meeting Beth for drinks, then read my book before bed…stay tuned for which part of my day I’m at.” (And will literally update the status of the planned detailed day throughout their day.)

Mr. I Play Every Complete Game Facebook Throws My Way: “Has just leveled up to level 98 and has given you an energy pack.” (Will include every achievement in their status regardless of what game they are playing.)

Miss Miserable: “Woke up in a bad mood, I dear someone to say something to me today.” (Will never be happy, EVER!)

Mr. Boston Sports Fan & Won’t Ever Let You Forget It: “I can’t believe the Red Sox didn’t sign him, Bruins keep losing right now, and the Patriots lost the playoffs. At least we still have the Celtics!” (We get it, we watch the games too.)

Miss Relationship Status: “is in a relationship with Edward Cullen.” Two hours later “is single.” Two minutes later “is in a relationship with Channing Tatum.” (I understand doing it the first time as a joke but this time she really means it.)

Mr. Modest and Humble: “I think I’ll skip my graduation but I’m thankful for the upcoming opportunities that my degree will open up for me.” (Enjoy yourself and go get that degree you earned dude, SERIOUSLY. Let Loose!)

Miss I Know I’m it and I’ll Always Let You Know It and Post Pics to Prove It: “Why are all these guys all over me here at the club?” (Attached with a pic of what she is currently wearing.)

Mr. Hood: “Yea, I’m just doing me. Getting that paper all day. Feel me fam? (Just imagine this but nothings spelt correctly and you can forget about the punctuations.)

Miss All About My Kids “Family fun day with the kids, yaaaay.” (Nothing wrong with this at all…just figured I’d throw it in.)

Mr. Hopeful One: “I’m gonna be at __________. Meet me there if you ain’t got anything else to do. (This really means, “Everyone is doing their own thing tonight maybe someone will read this and meet me here.)

Miss I Misspell Everything: “You alraedy kno how I do. Going to bed hopping to wake up to some goood news.” (Um didn’t we go to the same high school?)

Mr. Song Quoter: “In the Commission, you ask for permission to hit ‘em, he don’t like me, hit him while wifey was with him…” (Dude, just post the YouTube video of the song. Save you a lot of copy and pasting.)

Miss Guess What I’m Talking About: “Don’t you hate when that happens?” (Um what exactly are you talking about? We don’t know what you are referring to.)

Mr. No Matter What I Say, 50 People Respond To My Status’: “Water bottle.” (Insert 40 comments from people that treat this person like a celebrity. Congrats guys, you have officially added to their ego.)

Miss Promoter: “Don’t forget, this Saturday and Sunday come on down to _________ and don’t forget to dress sexy, also don’t forget the cover charge is $25 to get in, but don’t forget to hit me up for VIP. (You probably get this twice a week from that person. Oh and yea, I just forgot.)

Mr. Inbox Full of Messages but I Only Check People’s Pics: (you won’t ever see a status update from them. You won’t ever get a message responded back from them. Yup, you guessed it. They are the pervert that’s looking at all your beach pics and nightly outings.)

Miss Spot Blower: *Writing on your wall* “I saw who you were with last night. Aren’t you still with _________?” (Perhaps they meant to send this to your inbox but use the excuse that they are still getting used to facebook. Hmmm, you had it for 3 months now, smh.)

Facebook is full of these wonderful people. You got to ask yourself though, which one are you?

Don’t Assume but Be Worried!!!

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Aight, since the whole Tiger issue a lot of women have been bashing men for obvious apparent reasons. Yes, I understand that Tiger Woods is a huge international public figure and this kinda came out of nowhere for some and expected by a few. With this said, women have placed men in a difficult category that is unfair but understandable. Don’t assume that there is always someone else but be worried that there could be.

I just want to address a few things that women tend to key in on in a relationship. Like to hear it? Here it goes…

1. Just cause his cell phone has a password lock on it doesn’t mean he’s up to no good. Just cause your in a relationship with him and he is your best friend, that doesn’t mean you have to know all his passwords to everything. Indeed you both have a personal life as well. Besides, how many of your best friends passwords do you have? These days the way people have been phone snatching its almost required to put a password on a cell phone. Don’t assume. If the phone is ringing at all hours of the night then be worried.

2. Some men are affectionate. Some aren’t. For the men that aren’t affectionate, give him time before he holds your hand in public. Sometimes they have to get comfortable with themselves before they get comfortable with you. Don’t assume. Now if its been years and he still don’t hold your hand, then be worried.

3. If he doesn’t say I love you, refer back to number 2.

4. Now if your man rejects you once or twice in bed don’t be worried. Its gonna happen. Maybe he hasn’t been getting good sleep and is looking forward to getting a good nights sleep that night. If he’s tired then he’s tired. Trust me ladies, it won’t be good for you, TRUST ME! Nobody wants to be painted as the “dead fish” in bed. Don’t assume. Now if he’s always putting you off, sorry ladies, he’s just not into you anymore…be extremely worried.

5. Every now and then your man or you are gonna break plans you guys have to hang out with friends or relatives. That is understandable plus that might be good for you two if you guys have been together everyday for the last couple of… A break is cool, plus its good to see your friends and relatives to catch up on a few things. Don’t assume. Now if he’s constantly (and I mean “all the time” type of constantly) breaking plans to hang with “friends” and/or “family” be worried.

6. Here is a tough one. If your man checks out other women don’t be alarmed. He’s human, just cause women do it more discreetly doesn’t mean he doesn’t love you ladies. Nothing wrong with window shopping just as long as your not purchasing the items. Don’t assume. If your man is actually inquiring about the items, be worried.

7. Women sometimes make a big fuss about men having female friends when them themselves have tons of male friends. Men shouldn’t have to cut off their friendships with all of their female friends. This is absolutely nonsense and bogus at times how controlling and insecure a women can become. Men, in return will make you cut off all of your male friendships. This is even ridiculous to write about so both parties, STOP THE NONSENSE. Friends are always gonna be there for you. Your partner might not be. Don’t assume anything on this and I’m talking about both parties here.

8. Just cause your man decided to go back to the gym doesn’t mean he’s getting in shape for someone else. Besides, I know people that haven’t been to the gym for a year straight without it being a “off and on” type of thing. Don’t assume. I mean if it takes another female to get your man in the gym then what does that say about you? Be worried if that is the case.

9. Maybe you and your man have been arguing a lot more lately. Think about this one. If the arguments are reasonable arguments and you guys iron it out, cool, it happens. Couples argue. Don’t assume. If he is picking fights with you over B. S. then be worried.

Ladies, whether the Tiger Woods incident has altered your feelings on men. Always remember this: A man is scared of what you ladies have. You ladies have a women intuition. This is crazy to us how you ladies figure things out with this feeling. Men fear this. Men don’t assume she knows, BE WORRIED THAT SHE KNOWS.

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